Honeycomb Aeronautical supporta Microsoft al X019 di Londra




Disponibile da alcune settimane, il nuovo Alpha Flight Control (yoke e  pannello interruttori) di Honeycomb è utilizzato all’evento X019, presso la Copper Box Arena di Londra della settimana passata.
Honeycomb ha annunciato di sponsorizzare Microsoft e di equipaggiare varie stazioni di simulazione di volo per questo evento.

Press release :

Critically Acclaimed Alpha Switch Controls Yoke & Switch Panel to Support Multiple Flight Simulation Stations at X019
Honeycomb™ Aeronautical, a leader in high quality flight simulation hardware, announced today that they are teaming up with Microsoft® to support multiple flight simulation stations for the much-anticipated Microsoft Flight Simulator™ at X019, which takes place from November 14th through November 16th at the Copper Box Arena in London.
Honeycomb Aeronautical will be fitting out multiple gaming stations with the Alpha Switch Controls Yoke & Switch Panel, providing a superlative experience for attendees.
The Alpha Switch Controls Yoke & Switch Panel has already taken the flight simulation community by storm, receiving a staggering 98% score by PC Pilot Magazine, arguably the communities leading authority on all-things flight simulation. Calling it a “Game-Changing Yoke”, the team at PC Pilot, awarded the hardware their coveted ‘Platinum Award’, a mark of excellence from the esteemed publication.
On the collaboration, Nick Repenning, CEO of Honeycomb Aeronautical shared, “We’re so pleased to be working with Microsoft at X019. We’re immensely proud at the feedback from the community and the demand for the Yoke which has been beyond our wildest projections. In our first quarter on sale, we are now leading the sector and we look forward to demonstrating the impact our hardware combined with Microsoft’s flagship fight simulator offers the community. We look forward to working closely with Microsoft in the future to bring flight simulation to new audiences.”
For more information on Honeycomb Aeronautical, please visit: www.flyhoneycomb.com.
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