FS2Crew – Aerosoft Airbus Pro P3D4 V3.9 Update


I piloti di Aerosoft AIrbus Professional sono stati chiamato al banco aggiornamenti!

Inserisci il tuo account utente simMarket e scarica la nuova versione di installazione completa 3.9 per FS2Crew Aerosoft Airbus Pro P3D4.

Changelog versione 3.9:


Release Date: 5 April 2020

*Big change! In Voice Control only, the NEW PROCEDURE is to call for the Before Start Checklist to the Line, then run then Before Start Procedure, and then call for the Before Start Checklist below the line.

*The FO’s “I’m out for the walkaround” audio will no longer trigger during shutdown flow in the A330 model.

*Flight Director voice command updated.

*ADIRS voice command fixed.

*During descent, the FO will set his ND range to 10NM instead of 80.

*Support for ALT OFF on the TCAS Panel in the 330 model.

*FO will set 2000 in transponder during his shutdown flow.

*During his runway line up flow, the FO will no longer automatically set terrain on the Captain’s side in the A330.
Weather radar logic updated.

*FO will now set Predictive Windsheer on/off when entering and vacating the runway.*



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