FlightControlReplay v4.5 compatibile con MSFS



Il tool di registrazione pieno di funzionalità FlightControlReplay verrà aggiornato alla versione 4.5. Ha annunciato che sarà presto disponibile e compatibile con Microsoft Flight Simulator.

FlightControlReplay v4.5 introduces a lot of new features and it will be compatible with the new  Microsoft Flight Simulator ! 

The most important features of FlightControlReplay v4.5 for all platforms (FSX, P3D, Microsoft Flight Simulator) are: 

– New Video Rendering Mode” (COMPRESSED VIDEO CAPTURING) 

– “New Video Rendering Speed option” (1/4 – x4) for User Object and also for AI objects 

– Change Camera Record” Feature 

– Record/Play Algorithm enhancements for User airplane and also for AI planes 

– Microsoft “Surface Dial Integration “ 

– FlightIllusion “GSA-42 integration 

– DOFREALITY Motion platform support 

– A LOT MORE that will be unveiled during beta test 

In the next weeks, via our Instagram @Flightonfly and in the support forum , we will explain features details with screenshots and pictures.

Talking about Microsoft Flight Simulator compatibility, i can say that since january I’m working on the new platform, thanks to ASOBO and Microsoft .  

FlightControlReplay v4.5 for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be a new executable that also enhance the experience with the new platform !

FlightControlReplay will contain FSX version, P3D Enhanced version and a brand new executable for Microsoft Flight Simulator 

There will be enhancements in recording algorithm for user plane and also for record / play algorithm for AI.


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