IndiaFoxtEcho – Long-EZ For MSFS v1.10










Grazie a IndiaFoxtEcho, puoi già aggiungere aerei personalizzati al tuo hangar virtuale in MSFS. Il loro Long-EZ ha ricevuto una versione di aggiornamento 1.10 che migliora le trame della cabina di pilotaggio con una risoluzione più alta e il pacchetto audio è stato completamente rifatto.

Full changelog :
  • Redone flight model to implement new canard settings
  • Minor tweaks to engine performance
  • Minor tweaks to aircraft maneouverability
  • Increased detail and polycount of several cockpit objects
  • Retextured cockpit with higher res textures
  • Fixed miscellaneous animations and mouse areas
  • Added missing lubber line to compass
  • Minor improvements to sound package
  • Miscellaneous fixes in configuration files
  • Cleaned canopy textures
  • Replaced library pilot figures with custom models including possibility to remove the pilot figures (beware not to tilt the aircraft!)
  • Sound package entirely redone in WWise
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