ToLiss – A319 X-Plane 10/11 v1.6.1









Già molto popolare, la simulazione dell’Airbus A319 per X-Plane di ToLiss ha ancora un’attenzione continua da parte dei suoi sviluppatori.

L’ultimo aggiornamento v1.6.1 può risolvere alcuni problemi della CPU introdotti dalla build precedente e sono incluse altre correzioni di bug minori. Usa lo strumento Updater o scarica di nuovo dal tuo account  simMarket.

  • Fixed the excessive CPU consumption of the Equitime point function (increases fps)
  • Fixed ground spoiler activation logic when deploying reversers
  • Improved the Dome lighting at night
  • Fixed a flight plan caching issue leading to wrong airport identification at high latitudes
  • When reloading a situation faults are now correctly reinstated or reset
  • Added triple click when the V/S protection mode engages
  • Fixed A/THR arming logic for OEI Go arounds
  • Fixed issues with the fault injection logics, when the ISCS remains on the fault injection page
  • Improved functionality of the fault injection datarefs
  • Improved NavAid Autotuning.
  • Improved EGT computations to consider random sensor offset and effect of bleed and electric power use
  • Improved issue with route caching routine, including the option to turn off in flight cache updates
  • Jump to waypoint now advances the chronos as well as x-planes time


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