Aeroplane Heaven – Cessna 140 MSFS Update : GNS 430







Il Cessna 140 è stato potenziato da Airplane Heaven per i piloti MSFS, per aggiungere la versione Floats, e per sostituire l’avionica G1000 con un GNS 430, più compatto sul pannello principale e facile da usare.

Il pacchetto originale include già la variante Bush con ruote toundra e la variante standard. Ora, direttamente nella sim, puoi passare da una versione 3D all’altra.

Main update changelog:

  • Model reconfigured to give choice of SPATS, NO SPATS or BUSHWHEELS selectable directly in the sim without the need for separate models.
  • Floatplane Version added
  • G1000 replaced with more compact, user friendly, optional avionics suite comprising:GNS 430 (GPS)GTX 328 TransponderS-Tec 55 Autopilot
  • Numerous texture improvements
  • Rain effect reversed to fall in the correct direction.
  • Missing rear left quarter cabin structure textures replaced in all liveries
  • Revised electrics code to allow for continuous alternator operation Revised engine code9) Revised fuel-burn

Remaining issues are corrected with the more recent Hotfix v1.2

  • Corrected thumbnail for Yellow/Brown livery for the float version.
  • Missing “Direct-to” button added to GNS430
  • A small round shadow removed from panel backer
  • Rain effect entering cabin fixed
  • Mixture lever animation reversed
  • VSI re-coded to give correct reading
  • Further modifications to electrical systems
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