ToLiss – A319 X-Plane Update V1.6.4









Un’altra serie di correzioni di bug e nuove funzionalità è stata aggiunta all’eccellente simulazione dell’aereo di linea A319 di ToLiss, con licenza ufficiale Airbus per X-Plane.

Abbiamo raccolto per te l’elenco riepilogativo delle modifiche, vedi sotto:

Modifiche dalla build 1462 (V1.6.3) alla build 1468 (V1.6.4)


Minor new features:

  • Added NavAid Deselection capability to MCDU
  • Added visible chocks to facilitate figuring out why the heck the airplane does not move
  • Cockpit sound improvements
  • Added the Option to have NAV mode reengage automatically on Go Around initiation
  • Added CVR Test function
    Bug fixes:
  • MCDU Prog Page shows flight number again
  • If landing without retarding the thrust levers, firewalling the levers correctly changes A/THR modes
  • Added missing wind field on Data/IRS page
  • Increased ground cart pressure for better engine start performance
  • Librain rain effects: Wipers work again
  • fixed issue that may lead to the Master Warning not always lighting up when it should
  • some external light improvements
  • Inhibited the speed trend indication below 30kts IAS on ground
  • Vertical FD guidance during TO rotation much smoother now
  • Improved fault light logics for hydraulic overhead switches
  • Improved indication of PTU operation to prevent it going on and off repeatedly
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