Microsoft Flight Simulator – Sim Update IX










La nuova patch ufficiale per Microsoft Flight Simulator è ora disponibile per tutti al prossimo avvio del simulatore.

Ti verrà chiesto di scaricare 373,3 Mb nell’app Xbox, quindi 7,3 Gb in più all’avvio di MSFS e infine fino a 2,4 Gb per aggiornare i tuoi eventuali pacchetti Premium Deluxe e World Updates da 1 a 7.

Riproduciamo di seguito gli annunci dei contenuti di questo Sim Update IX.


  • A new Spotlight Event landing challenge is available for you to fly, featuring the Cessna 172 Skyhawk landing at Kingston Airport in Nevada.
  • CFD simulation is now available on the Cessna 172 Skyhawk G1000 and can be enabled by aircraft creators.
  • New FXs added to the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. Experimenting G force now triggers wingtips & wing vortex. You can also discover the vapor cone as you break the sound barrier. High speed and low altitude will also interact with the environment over snow, dust & water.


  • Fixed a silent crash when launching the title directly from the shortcut without having the Steam client open
  • Fixed missing legs in the bush trip briefing screen when the user had a save from a previous update
  • Fixed missing text for “Delete from Xbox Cloud storage”
  • Accessing the EXIT POS X/Y/Z simvars should no longer crash the title
  • Fixed Short Stuff achievement unlocking
  • Improved compilation time for WASM modules at first boot
  • Fixed font issues in the in game panels
  • The same Azure Text-To-Speech voice should no longer be used by both ATC and AI traffic
  • Fixed mouse cursor that remained in resize mode in specific states (pausing the game for example)
  • Fixed extremity Dead Zone and Reactivity Settings not saving on Xbox
  • Fixed cursor issues in cockpit and in devmode
  • Fixed VR controllers not working when using Legacy interaction system
  • Fixed the RTC for the Robin DR400 and the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental
  • Fixed the Autopilot behavior
  • Fixed Heading select


  • Several crashes have been fixed across the title
  • Ongoing performance optimization work
  • Fixed parsing of XML gauges on Xbox that prevented the correct loading of some files


  • AI aircraft will no longer get expedite requests
  • ILS can now be received when the aircraft is slightly below the antenna
  • Changed the way we handle several ILS on the same frequency (better handling of opposite runways having the same ILS frequency)


  • Fixed popcorn clouds are present over a clear sky in Live Weather
  • Reduction of clouds banding that appear at close range
  • Properly save and load cloud density from WPR files
  • Corrected error in ISA pressure formula application to weather atmosphere that was causing errors in the QNH to pressure altitude relationship, especially at high field elevations
  • Fixed issue where altitudes below sea level could report incorrect ambient pressures


  • Switched to Azure Neural Text-To-Speech technology
  • Fixed attenuation distance in cockpit for AI SimObjects using legacy wavedata pipeline


  • It’s now possible to delete flight files from the cloud storage
  • Fixed extra flight saved after landing at an airport after ‘continue’
  • Fixed “Look Ma, no hands!” achievement



  • DoubleHorizontalGauge and DoubFixed values shown in the Fuel in-sim panel when setting one of the sliders to 0%
  • leVerticalGauge can now receive valuePrecision tag from panel.xml
  • Fixed ice continues to accumulate on aircraft’s windshield after Icing Effect is set to Off
  • Fixed an issue that caused text to render incorrectly with certain fonts
  • Added an optional settings to camera.cfg files allowing to change the distance between the external camera and the plane
  • Added capability to send multiple arguments to JS views (with H events) from the xml
  • Added Subtract keyword support (typo) in panel.xml parsing
  • Rename cameras NodeToHide parameter with better naming : VarToggle
  • On a turbine engine, you can now adjust the maximum rate at which N2 progress (below low_idle_n2)
  • Fixed empty CG Position does not reset to default when reset button is pressed in the weight and balance menu
  • Corrected an issue that prevented a tooltip from showing on the light controls of floaters plane
  • Corrected an issue that caused the windshield icing to be unaffected by the icing options
  • Changed FuelSystem Tank level SimVars to be settable
  • Corrected an issue which would sometimes cause the fuel & payload page to incorrectly calculate the fuel load of some tanks
  • Added missing inputs for NAV3 & NAV4 to match their NAV1 & NAV2 counterparts
  • Added new parameters for better control of the new propeller simulation
  • Improved the debug information for the new propeller simulation
  • New debug feature for easier debug & adjustment of aircraft stall behaviors
  • Improved debug information for debug & adjustment of aircraft moment of inertia
  • Fixed problem with FLCH and planes that are using the new propeller system
  • Improved aircraft force debug visualization to visualize soft body fuselage rigidity simulation
  • Added new simulation of fuselage rigidity impact on aerodynamics (soft body simulation)
  • Improved information on Debug Aircraft Engines debug window and fixed an issue with some data on fixed beta aircraft
  • Change overspeed limit based on the reference speed above mach2.5 : max speed is considered as EAS and not IAS (only above M2.5)
  • Corrected QNH formula application to align with atmosphere ISA fixes


  • Course steering arrow has now the correct shape
  • Connect Auto Sequential Steering to Autopilot
  • Added Auto Sequential Steering feature
  • Added display Tacan information and bearing on external HUD
  • Changed external HUD Angle Of Attack Indicator to support Navy Indicator
  • CRS and HDG/TRK switch will accelerate when hold
  • Fixed clicks triggered when right click on mouse with pad plugged
  • Fixed Waypoints and sequences management system
  • Added Course Selection
  • Display Nose Wheel Steering modes on HUD
  • Lower max HUD brightness to avoid blurred fonts
  • Improved the Aural Warnings
  • Improved to allow you to insert a waypoint in a sequence without entering its LatLong
  • Improved external HUD by displaying the airspeed in Mach
  • Improved by ensuring that it does not have access to the Radio Altitude at high bank angles
  • Adjusted Mach and drag coefficient to match real max speed at sea level
  • Corrected an issue with the afterburner not properly getting disabled when the throttle is set below it’s range through its InputEvent
  • Corrected the behavior of the flaps while on the ground
  • Corrected an AP conflict when attempting to hold an altitude with the autothrottle active on some plane
  • Corrected an issue that would sometimes cause the plane to spawn with invalid throttle position
  • Added an Axis key to control the Nosewheel steering
  • Added the NAV3/NAV4 version of the keys that were missing them
  • Corrected an issue that would cause the Magneto’s Tooltip to always show the values of Engine 1
  • Corrected an issue that inverted the bank of the F18’s Standby Attitude Indicator
  • Corrected an issue that caused the AOA Indicator of the F18 to stay enabled with gears raised
  • Prevented a fixed view to clip through the plane
  • Fixed folded wings aerodynamics
  • Afterburner power ratio improved to match acceleration time at all altitudes
  • Corrected an issue that would cause the F18’s Autothrottle to disable when pressing the flaps up key while already at the up position
  • Fixed issue with HUD pitch ladder moving when rudder is applied
  • Fixed the wheels contact points
  • Fixed decals on the left and right panel who had bad naming
  • Fixed the HMD color glass
  • Update seatbelt texture
  • Fixed a fuel system issue
  • Tweaked wingtip vortices
  • Vapor cone effect should now trigger when reaching mach 1, below 30°C and below 15000 ft


  • Corrected an issue with the STD button which has a behavior inconsistant with the mins button
  • Fixed minor display issue with CDU Approach REF page highlight
  • Fixed error in CDU FlightPlanning flow which prevented user from choosing a STAR


  • Corrected an issue that caused the aircraft to spawn with the AP disabled when spawning in flight
  • Corrected an issue that prevented the steering wheel from being moveable while the plane is not moving
  • Fixed FMA initial state
  • Fixed TO/GA button effect on A/T
  • Fixed wrong flaps position animation


  • Corrected an issue that caused the Alpha Protection to be unable to trigger the TOGA
  • Corrected an issue that caused the AP maximum altitude to be too high


  • Ported to new propeller system
  • CFD simulation now used for this aircraft
  • Adjusted engine wash on roll to have the left turn tendancy experienced in real flight
  • Corrected flaps section on the ski version
  • Added assymetric trim tab values to match real aircraft trim deflection
  • Updated flight model to match real recorded data behavior
  • Added fuselage rigidity soft body simulation
  • Propeller windmilling stop and start airspeed adjusted
  • Max throttle propeller rpm on ground adjusted
  • Max climb speed vertical speed adjusted
  • Reduced propeller MOI to adjust propeller rpm change speed
  • Adjusted aircraft MOI to adjust engine and propeller effects
  • Adjusted take off elevator trim to adjust auto rotation speed
  • Adjusted soft body simulation body rigidity to adjust aircraft responsiveness
  • Adjusted aircraft drag to adjust for engine and propeller changes and match POH speeds
  • Adjusted engine orientation to adjust engine effects
  • Adjusted neutral rudder angle for compensation of P-Factor at cruise speed which increases the effects of P-Factor at climb
  • New CFD parameters added to cfg file for CFD tweaking and finetuning
  • New wing_virtualdihedral parameter allows to adjust the virtual dihedral
  • Reduced virtual dihedral from 5° to 1° to improve stall symmetry and reduce the dihedral countering the p-factor • Adjusted roll PID of the autopilot to better deal with turbulences


  • Corrected the behavior of the 208B’s DeIce system


  • Corrected an issue that prevented the YD/AP button from properly disconnecting the Yaw Damper


  • Plugged in Standby Attitude Display Switch
  • Corrected a number of small bugs on the behavior of the switches
  • Zoom button below the left MFD rotates on the right axis upon interaction


  • Improvement on TBM throttle feather animation


  • Corrected an issue with the behavior of the Volocity’s Attitude Hold button


  • Navigation lights added
  • Camera no longer crosses the seats in cockpit view
  • No more textures or flickering when Frost is activated (inside and outside)
  • Holes in the cockpit around the doors and windows have been fixed


  • Navigation lights has been added on the wings
  • Flickering on the screens of instruments when camera is far from the plane has been fixed


  • New vegetation debug tool for trees & vegetation with drawing distances
  • Added new Asobo office in Bordeaux, France
  • Improved some tiling / cut issues in existing manually edited watermasks
  • Fixed the transistion for the water on the coastlines on specific edge cases
  • Fixed various elevation data issues across the world


  • Various minor UI fixes
  • Ingame Panels will no longer be distorded when changing screen ratio
  • Wishlist items are now sorted based on the date they were added in the marketplace
  • The marketplace wasn’t showing generic purchase and download pipelines error anymore
  • See all rating filter added to the rating filters
  • On the marketplace, an item’s required space is now displayed before downloading it


  • Tobii Head Tracking Sensitivity: Pitch/Yaw, Head Tracking Sensitivity: Roll, Head Tracking Sensitivity: Position not saved properly
  • Eye tracking reset is remappable
  • Extremity Dead zone and reactivity settings are now properly saved
  • Corrected an issue which prevented the “Toggle Freelook” button from working while in freelook
  • Cursor inputs can now be remapped
  • Inverted Flaps & Spoiler axis for the Thrustmaster TCA Boeing Throttle default profile
  • Added a new axis type input for nose wheel steering


  • Xbox Live invitations for private reno lobby are now working
  • Fixed a rare bug when player could be stuck in a group without the possibility to leave it
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