Fenix A320 MSFS – Prima Patch










Controllando i commenti qua e là, guardando gli streamer, troviamo molti e felici piloti virtuali che si godono il loro Fenix ​​A320 in MSFS. Detto questo, un miglioramento delle prestazioni sarebbe benvenuto poiché si può notare l’impatto sui framerate, in particolare quando si utilizza l’Airbus in aeroporti molto dettagliati.

I clienti registrati sono stati automaticamente avvisati e invitati a recuperare il loro primo aggiornamento. Tra le correzioni, sì, il miglioramento delle prestazioni si nota lì e già pochi utenti potrebbero sentire il miglioramento su quel punto dopo l’aggiornamento.


Changelog :

  • Added gamepad controller support (default binds should just work out the box)
  • Added keyboard rudder support
  • Added keyboard throttle support, rebind Increase Throttle (small) and Decrease Throttle (small) to whatever you want. While holding key, movement will hold for 2 seconds at each detent
  • Fixed anti-icing
  • Fixed settings configs not being saved to default
  • Added meta tags to enable “Save to Homescreen” on iOS, and fullscreen viewing
  • Resized window to reduce instances of overflowing long TAFs/ATIS
  • Fixed ECAM N2 display glitches
  • Improved performance on low-end machines
  • Fixed displays going haywire in some situations
  • Fixed EFB switches glitching out
  • Improved performance on 4-core machines
  • Improved shutdown logic to Fenix App
  • Fixed missing touchdown FX
  • Reduced performance impact of the contrails
  • Fixed taxi light turning off with cabin (Get it together Dave)
  • Removed requirement to be plugged in for EFB to boot (should stop issues with people stuck in just fenix logo)
  • Fixed doors doing their own thing
  • Added ability to add to home on iOS and then use in full screen
  • Added rotation function for charts (non touch devices only for now)
  • Fixed runway waypoint showing as extra label on ND
  • Changed install logic to better handle “Invalid Directories” issue with main installer & Livery Manager
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